Free FCPX Effects & Plugins

By Jonny Elwyn

Free FCPX Effects and Plugins

A popular post here on the blog is this one from about 2 years ago which rounded up a collection of free FCPX resources. I thought it was about time I updated it! So the following is a further round up of free effects, plugins and generators for FCPX editors. There are actually several different kinds of ‘effects’ in FCPX – transitions, clip effects, titles, generators and video animation tools.

freebies for FCPX

One of the first places to head is to where you can download a bunch of free effects and plugins for FCPX, (pictured above) as well as buying effects that range from $9 (2D barcode) to $799 (Stereo 3D Toolbox). You have to install the FxFactory main application to then install each plugin, and helpfully you can get a tutorial for each of the effects too.

The next place you want to head for is Alex 4D jam packed website that generously gives away over 60+ FCPX titles, effects and transitions but also gives access to his latest and greatest creations, including this ‘Feature Overlays’ plugin that was used on Focus, the first Hollywood feature to be cut on FCPX. You can get a detailed run down on how to use the plugin here.

FCPX adding time code burn in

Free FCPX Templates

There are also quite a few places where you can get hold of free FCPX templates which cover devices like lower thirds, animated titles and a lot more. There are a handful of freebies to be had from, including the social media animation demo’d above.

Sight Creations has a huge archive of hundreds (?) of free FCPX templates for you to download and use in your projects, if you appreciate all the work that’s gone into them then you can donate to the creator.

If you click the link in the tweet below you can download a set of icon embellished folders to help keep your FCPX project assets organised from Sean Lander of Rednail media. These will work in OSX Yosemite.


FCPX Generators

In this webinar excerpt Larry Jordan shares the essentials of working with generators in FCPX and how to modify them to your hearts content. If you want to create your own generators (which are essentially just published Motion projects with a few parameters you can adjust inside FCPX) this page of the Motion support site will walk you through it.

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