Here are hundreds of free overlays, sound effects, and video assets to save you time and improve the look of your next project.

Here are hundreds of free overlays, sound effects, and video assets to save you time and improve the look of your next project.

By Logan Baker

The freedom and versatility of low-budget DIY filmmaking is simultaneously liberating and frustrating. Usually, when they’re working with tight budgets, filmmakers and editors find themselves somewhat limited on time — and production values. With that in mind, PremiumBeat and RocketStock are simplifying filmmaking lives and expanding storytelling capabilities.

Here are all the free motion graphics, overlays, and sound effects you’ll need to tackle your next project without pulling out any hair.

In Film Riot’s latest video, Connolly sheds light on the excellent resources available to any working video editor who needs free, viable assets to improve their footage and edits. Here are all the elements and assets you can use to customize your next masterpiece.

16 Light and Dust Overlays

Compatible with most NLEs, this pack of free 4K volumetric light and dust elements will add mystery, production value, and contrast to your next project. Apple these directly on top of your existing footage to add depth, or try adding them to motion graphics to complement the movement of your designs. The possibilities are endless. Here’s a video tutorial on how to apply the elements to your edit.

Download here.

15 FREE Ambient Sound Effects

Perhaps the best free assets in this massive haul are the free sound effects. You can use sound effects for literally any type of shot, and they will help build out the overall feel of your scene. Not only do the effects help hide unwanted sounds and frequencies, they can also mask poor quality recordings if you have a few you need to cover — to a certain degree.

Download here.

20+ FREE Camera Overlays

Whether you’re making a found-footage horror film or simulating phone footage in a documentary, these overlays are an easy way to recreate specific motion graphics. Save time with these easy-to-use overlays for Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, or After Effects.

Download here.

(If that’s not enough, here are 16 more overlays to download for free.)

21 Fog Overlays

These 4K Free Fog Overlays can be lifesavers. You no longer need to go out and get unpredictable, time-consuming shots of fog and smoke for your film. These overlays were all shot in a controlled studio environment and captured organically with real fog and haze.

Download here.

15 Free Camera Shake Presets

Need to give your project a raw, handheld feel? Apply these camera shake presets to your footage or motion graphics to add energy and life to your work. You can apply these presets to all kinds of footage and graphics, from lower-thirds to titles to animations. To learn how to apply the shakes to your edit, check out this tutorial.

Download here.

16 Free Transitions for After Effects

If you’re looking to spice up a boring news package, corporate video, or instructional piece, throw in these colorful, fun transitions to keep your audience engaged. When it comes to animation, you need to think of a creative way to transition from one scene to the next without having a hard cut. These transitions are easily customizable, allowing users to change the colors and styles to fit any branding requirements.

Download here.

Here are more elements compatible with almost every NLE, ready to download for your next project.


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